Round Lake, IL

The GRIEVE CORPORATION has been producing high quality industrial furnaces and other heat processing equipment since our inception in 1949. Throughout the decades our mission has remained the same; to provide these top of the line furnaces to a global market. The design equipment that we possess is at the leading edge of innovation in order to be able to design the custom furnace system of your dreams! We employ software such as CAD, CAE and CAM in order to make those dreams of a highly custom furnace a reality.

Every industrial heat processing unit that The GRIEVE CORPORATION outputs is built tough to stand up to the rigorous applications of the everyday. We put our furnaces through extensive testing under meticulous standards in order to ensure that the furnaces that we offer will be of the highest quality in the industry. However, if any problems do arise THE GRIEVE CORPORATION takes care to keep every file of every record we have had, we will know all of the facts on replacement parts, should you ever need one. We have the commitment that you can rely on to provide you with the most excellent products possible!

Our office staff, engineers and manufacturing personnel are devoted to the company and our customers and strive to make every business exchange an experience to remember. Located in Round Lake, Illinois, we will provide you with services wherever you need them using just-in-time delivery. Even after six decades The GRIEVE CORPORATION still has the zeal to create new, innovative and functional furnaces that people around the world count on. To learn more about how to get started with THE GRIEVE CORPORATION, visit our website or call one of our helpful representatives for more information today!

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Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

A conveyor oven is a continuous flow oven; it‘s an oven that is open on opposing sides and has a conveying system running from one end of the oven to the other. Designed like a batch oven, conveyor ovens have the additional benefit of keeping products moving while providing continuous and uniform heat...

Industrial Curing Ovens

Industrial Curing Ovens

A curing oven is thermal processing equipment used by thermal specialists to improve or enhance the strength and durability of materials. Many factory processes such as baking, drying, heating, cooking, and curing require...

Industrial Ovens

Industrial Ovens

An industrial oven is a device used to create extremely high temperatures to heat treat parts, condition metals, and cure metal coatings. Common functions for industrial ovens include drying, curing, testing, and coating of parts and products...

Infrared Ovens

Infrared Ovens

An infrared oven is an oven that heats objects or cooks food using infrared radiation instead of conventional conduction or convection heating. People can use infrared ovens in commercial kitchens, homes, or industrial settings...

Types of Industrial Ovens

Overhead Conveyor Oven

Industrial ovens are thermal processing machines used as heating chambers for drying, curing, and baking of foods, parts, and components. The main industries that use industrial ovens are chemical and food processing and...


Industrial Electric Furnace

A furnace is a piece of equipment that provides direct electric or fired heat for industrial processes that require temperatures that exceed 752 °F (400 °C). Many industrial processes require heating for the preparation of...

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